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Free Student Learning Apps

Web-based Applications can be accessed at school or at home. No fees, subscriptions, upgrades -- just the opportunity to learn.

Consistent Interface for All Apps

Apps for Math work like apps for History, Vocabulary, Spanish, Nutrition, etc. Once you learn how one works, you know how they all work. No need to figure out app by app.

Unlimited Practice and Go For The Prize Apps

Each app can easily be configured to match the needs of your students. One student can focus on their 9 times tables and another student can focus on their 7 times tables. For apps that contain Levels, you can work on Level 3 to Level 3, focusing only on Level 3, or you can work on Level 1 to Level 3 to ensure you have not forgotten something you learned earlier.

Local Business Sponsored Prizes

In addition to parents or teachers providing prizes like a candy bar, an extra hour of TV, skipping a quiz, etc. local businesses can also easily add prize options for the student to select like ice cream, miniature golf, slice of pizza, etc. When the student plays, they can view the Business offered prizes and decide which prize they want try to earn.

Match the data in the apps to your local curriculum

Why be forced to use the pre-programmed data in other national apps when we can customize your apps to match your local curriculum. All our database-driven apps are already created and all we need to do is enter the data from your curriculum into the database and our app and your curriculum will match. Since Every.CITY is city and county based, we can also provide apps that are city and county based. For example, students in ABC County in DEF State could have different questions than students in MNO County in PQR State if the curriculums are different.

Join Now -- It's FREE